Seed Paper Candle Covers

Seed Paper Candle Covers

How to grow your seed paper candle cover

Help is on the way!

You already have 3 of the 5 items on the list:

  1. planter ✅
  2. seed paper ✅
  3. water ✅
  4. potting soil
  5. sun!

Step One: Prepare your planter

Prepare your planter with 2/3 potting soil. Fill your planter firmly but make sure not to overpack the soil, the roots need a little wiggle room to grow! Your wildflowers can start indoors or out, just watch out for extreme hot or cold temperatures. 

Step Two: Plant your seed paper
Place your seed paper on top of the potted soil and cover with a thin layer of soil, 1/8 of an inch

Step Three: Watering
Water those babies! They need to drink up plenty of water so dampen it well, just don't leave them swimming in water. The seeds need to keep moist the first ten days to properly germinate. Approximate time at this step is six weeks from sprouts to sturdy stems!

Step Four: After care
Once you have sprouts popping out you can continue to keep them hydrated and water as needed! Just don't overwater! 

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